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Auto Restoration

Reliable Paint Stripping and Rust Removal

Bring Your Vehicle for Auto Restoration 

You can trust our countless hours of research and in-house testing when it comes to IB mineral, our proprietary media, for paint stripping and rust removal. Imperial Blasting has come up with a clean and undamaged end product for automobile applications.

We use Plastic Media Blasting and Mineral Blasting to help us with the process and in turn leave you with the best results.

Our shop can easily handle all of the surface preparations for your auto restoration needs. Our largest booth size of 34x18x14 enables us to accommodate all sized vehicles in our shop comfortably.
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Our Way of Paint Stripping Has Been Tried and Tested

Soda does have some benefits during paint stripping on very unsturdy metal, but it definitely can't be relied on for a perfect finish due to the residue that's left behind. The acid in the soda eats away the paint and starts to bubble after a point of time.

You don't have to worry about collateral damage on your vehicle with our services. We work with some of the top builders in the country and like to keep our reputation untouched. Our IB Mineral gets tested on at least 250 vehicles annually and it delivers the best results.
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Plastic Media Blasting

The technology for Plastic Media Blasting was developed by the U.S. Department of Defense to replace toxic chemical stripping. This procedure safely removes paint from soft metal without etching or warping, making it ideal for automotive stripping. 

Plastic Media Blasting works on the principle of low pressure and high volume, normally between 15 and 30 psi at 200 cfm. This technology helps remove paint in layers while keeping the body filler intact. 

Plastic safely gets rid of powder coating and several other durable baked on finishes. If you choose to bring in your Corvette or boat to our shop, you can be sure that it will be incredibly safe with us. Plastic Media is very effective when removing paint from fiberglass.
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Rust Removal With Mineral Blasting

Aggressive traditional media, like Black Beauty and aluminum oxide leave behind a rough, shiny, and warped surface when used for rust removal. Instead, we opt for Mineral Blasting as a superior application for the rust removal process.

Together, with mineral, our techniques and procedures eliminate the possibility of a warped surface. The media also removes metal, which can be used for rust-prone damaged metal.

Our rust removal services will leave your vehicle satin smooth making it suitable for powder coating or painting. You can safely go for Mineral Blasting on all steel body panels, steel wheels, frames, drive shafts, rear ends, and suspension components. 

Make the smart choice, and save time by limiting sanding of automobile components. We also do powder coating, custom, and restoration services. National pickup and delivery are available as well.
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